Solar Powered Outdoor Chandelier

Have you ever wanted a solar powered outdoor chandelier for your high-end outdoor living space at your home? I bet you have! At the Pentimento Lighting & Furnishings design studio, our lighting artisans created a prototype solar chandelier.  Repurposing old chandeliers into solar is nothing new (so we won’t take credit for it), but you don’t see a lot of them around.  New designs like this are always welcome because every product is hand crafted, creating a custom design for you.

Again, below is a simple and basic prototype. Your vision and inspiration is what makes our custom outdoor light fixtures a reality.  If you’re wanting to add that finishing touch to your outdoor living experience, call our design team today at (480) 962-1918 or (855) 223-5500 or use our contact form.

Solar Chandelier Prototype

Solar Light Bulb for Solar Chandelier

Solar Light for Solar Chandelier

Our lighting artisans take pride in handcrafting each product to your exact specifications and our high quality standards. Have a question about how we can help you? Call us at (480) 962-1918 or (855) 223-5500 (toll free) or use our contact form.