A Couple of Shout Outs.

Well, we hope you enjoyed our social media seminar. If you didn’t make it, you missed some really thought provoking material. If you ever have the opportunity to hear Dave Cooke speak, do it!

So, using social media is no panacea or magic wand that will miraculously create new business. They are just tools, albeit potentially powerful tools. Undoubtedly demonstrated around the world starting revolutions.

A big take away from the seminar was the simple truth that as with any marketing tool, you still have to be clear about some very basic things. Know who you are, and be that. Be authentic. Know your customer. Express your genuine passion in what you do and say.

Today’s “marketing”, with tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and such, is more than ever about personalization and engagement. Through these communication approaches we are speaking person to person, sharing ideas, generating responses and simply engaging in a way that lets us all be a bit closer, more helpful, better informed and a whole lot more interconnected.

What better way to nurture valuable relationships with our customers.

So, without further adieu, we need to sincerely thank a few people.

Dave Cooke. Your presentation was outstanding! You’ve inspired us on a profoundly human level. As you pointed out, people do business with people, not with a brand or a product. And through connecting more deeply, we may know one another better, and be better able to support the needs of our customers, as well. Dave, thank you! You gave us much to consider, as well as put into practice, as we move forward in this realm of digital media!

Nancy Hugo. You are a force to be reckoned with! Thank you for all of your support in getting the word out about our seminar. We made several new friends, who came because, “Nancy told them to.” Or because, they read it on your fabulous website, Designer’s Circle. Nancy, you really are the go-to source to keep up-to-date on events and happenings in the valley’s interior design community! And we love your blog!

And finally, our seminar would not have been a success without all of you who attended. Thank you for coming. We know it is not always easy or convenient to make time in your busy schedules for workshops and such. So we deeply appreciate that you came. We’ll be doing other events in the future and hope to see you, (as well as others who couldn’t make it this time), again soon! If you like, you can receive our emails, so you don’t miss the next event.

This is NOT Today’s Social Media!

Don’t be left behind! RSVP today for our Effective Applications of Social Media Seminar presented by Dave Cooke. To RSVP e-mail or call (480) 962-1918.

Effective Applications of Social Media to Increase Business… Save the Date!

In simple terms, social media uses web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. A common thread running through all definitions of social media is blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value. Through social media you can reach your market by simply engaging in the right conversations with the right people. This is more effective than advertising. OK, that’s all great, but how do you turn this often underutilized and sometimes misused form of customer relationship building into real actual sales?

Well, we’ve got some answers for you… or we should say Dave Cooke has the answers! Dave will be showing us how to really understand and use this ever-growing form of doing business.

To RSVP for this very valuable seminar please email or call us at (480) 962-1918.

A Big Thank You to all who attended our Lighting CEU Seminar!

A Big Thank You to all who attended our Lighting CEU Seminar! We enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones, too. Fred Butler did a fabulous job presenting the many aspects to consider when addressing the lighting needs of any space. Fred’s wealth of experience is available through Pentimento inc. to assist the interior designer and architect with lighting plans and lighting specifications. We’re excited to offer Fred’s help as a free service to our customers. Thank you Fred for flying in from Atlanta! Also a big thanks to Steve Kelman of Lighting Artistry for coming in from California.

Fred Butler presenting his Seminar on Sustainability in Lighting for Hospitality and Commercial Projects.    
Lighting CEU Seminar crowd.

Nancy Hugo attended. She posted some great pics and video to her Kitchen & Bath Facebook page. Here’s a link. Many thanks, Nancy!

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Lighting CEU Seminar hosted by Pentimento inc. at our new Factory Showroom


Can you believe it’s already August? What happened to June and July? We’ve been busy all summer long preparing our new factory showroom. What used to be manufacturing space is now becoming nearly 20,000 square feet of display area. High ceilings, lots of wall space…it’s going to be quite a place. Former paint booths are being turned into vignettes to show design applications using the many products that Pentimento inc. offers. Open areas that were once the home of scroll benders, welders and wiring stations are becoming hospitality room settings, and outdoor living displays. We are showing antique reproduction hand-carved fireplaces, iron doors with art glass, iron architectural details, vintage collectibles and memorabilia, original art, upholstered modular seating and many lighting lines including 2nd Ave. Lighting. We now represent some stunning lighting lines from Italy and Spain, too. So many really beautiful things!

We define our factory showroom as a destination location. A creative collaborative resource. A place where our clients will see lots of product and design ideas & solutions while we assist them in their project needs. Our talented artists and designers are on site to offer custom product design services, too.

As a resource, we aim to help our clients in other ways, too… like education. So, scheduled for Wednesday, September 29th, at 9:30 AM, we are hosting a Lighting CEU Seminar.

This free seminar, “Quality Design & Sustainability” offers continuing education credits and addresses the unique challenges found in hospitality design. Our presenter will be Fred Butler, LC, CDT, MIES. Mr. Butler is a graduate of the College of Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology. After practicing as an architect for ten years, he transitioned his focus to understanding both the Art and Science of applying light to Architecture and Design.

In no other industry do you have as many different space types as you do with the Hospitality Industry. From restaurants to hotels, vacation resorts, casinos & theme parks, the Hospitality Industry is a complex world that depends heavily on successful lighting to create an elevated level of experience – ambience, drama, sparkle and comfort! How can we light these spaces well and sustainably? Our Lighting Seminar will help you have a better understanding of:

  • Energy Statistics & Hospitality Programs that promote quality design and energy efficiency.
  • Sustainable Lamp Terminology.
  • Energy Codes related to the Hospitality Industry.
  • Sustainable Lighting Design techniques for the various types of hospitality spaces. And leave prepared with a Custom Lighting Fixture Design Checklist.

To RSVP for this very valuable seminar, please email or call us, 480-962-1918.

Showroom address: 737 W. 2nd Ave., Mesa AZ 85210

(Mr. Butler, a Certified Education Provider, has personally assisted with consultative support in lighting design on many major projects including the Atlanta Airport and various projects such as libraries, theatrical lighting and open office design. He is a member of IESNA (Illumination Engineering Society of North America), an Allied Member of the AIA, and the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council).