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A big ‘Thank You’  from Pentimento Lighting & Furnishings and Lanternland to everyone who entered and to USA Love List for making our giveaway contest a huge success. We truly appreciate the time and effort you put into spreading the word about Lanternland and the importance of buying American made products.

As our way of saying thanks we will be offering 15% off all four contest lighting fixtures featured in the contest for two weeks only until August 19th, 2016. Save now on the Back Bay Table Lamp, the Adams Pendant, the Americana Star Wall Sconce and the Gatsby Wall Light. Enter coupon code USALL0715 at checkout to save.

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Giveaway Winner


Karen chose the Back Bay Copper Lantern Table Lamp in Antique Copper with Seeded Glass for her home.

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Giveaway: American Made Handcrafted Lighting

Our sister company, Lanternland, is offering an American made handcrafted lighting fixture as a prize in this week’s giveaway!



Lanternland has been manufacturing artisan copper lanterns and brass indoor & outdoor lights in the Phoenix, AZ area since 1978.  Each Lanternland light fixture is 100% handcrafted in the USA and made to order by skilled craftsmen. Each light fixture is created to fit a customer’s specific choice of finish and glass type. Lanternland even offers custom lighting design.  The high quality, solid brass and copper construction of every light will never rust or corrode and is guaranteed for life.  

If you are looking for a ceiling light,  hanging lantern, wall sconce, wall light, post lantern, and now table lamps for your Colonial, Traditional American, Cape Cod, waterfront, or cabin style home, Lanternland is the place to check out first!


ENTER NOW to win an American made, handcrafted Lanternland light fixture.  Winner may choose ONE of the following items in their choice of finish and glass.


As shown below: Small size, Antique Brass finish, Water glass
Choose from Small, Medium, or Large size.
Retail value: $330



As shown below: Verdi Green finish with star in Antique Bronze, Seeded glass
Available in one size only.
Retail value: $330

Americana Star Colonial Wall Mount Lantern


As shown below: Antique Copper finish, Seeded glass
Available in one size only.
Retail value: $310



As shown below: Dark Copper finish
Small only
Retail value: $290


There are a variety of ways to enter this giveaway including opportunities for multiple daily entries. Good luck!

Click on Enter to Win on the image below.  This giveaway will close at midnight on July 21, 2016. The winner will be randomly selected, verified for correct entry participation, and notified by email.


Houzz Spotlight: Choosing The Right Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

“No matter how beautiful the design, if the size is wrong, the lantern will not look good.”

For Andrew Medway, choosing the right outdoor lighting fixtures is essential. It’s also something that he frequently finds is done wrong, and usually the culprit is the size of the light fixture. “It’s critical not only to match the style but also the scale of the project. Large homes require large lighting fixtures,” he says.

Medway co-owns Lanternland in Mesa, AZ which produces handmade copper and brass light fixtures and provides custom lighting, primarily for outdoor spaces. The first step of designing a lighting plan, according to Medway and his colleague Jenifer Tague, is to think about the project as a whole and consider both space and proportions.

Outddoor Living Patio: Michelets Residence

Go big. When it comes to outdoor lighting, most people choose fixtures that are too small, Medway says. “Remember that people will be seeing the light fixtures from a distance, such as a street that may be 50 feet away,” he says. For a good perspective on how big a light should be, Medway recommends making a mock-up that’s the size of the fixture to use as a placeholder, then stepping away and seeing how it looks in the space.

Entry: Michelets Residence

Design with needs in mind. “Many homeowners have design challenges that can’t be met by off-the-shelf lighting,” Medway says. These include space limitations for mounting brackets, existing siding, a need to modify the electrical box or local regulations that rule out most off-the-shelf fixtures. This is when custom lighting is the best option. “All of our lanterns are handmade to order for each client,” he says.

Whether you’re looking for standard light fixtures or going with a custom design, Medway offers advice for choosing the right lighting for your home.

Landon Sr. Wall Light with Bracket - Paradise Valley, AZ - Garage

1. Find the Right Size

One size does not fit all, especially in larger spaces. This homeowner in Paradise Valley was unable to find outdoor lanterns that were large enough to provide both curb appeal and adequate lighting, Medway says. Customizing an existing design proved to be the optimal solution.

“We were able to create an oversized version of one of our standard lanterns that was in proportion with her home and gave it the wow factor she desired,” he says. Medway also recommends looking at surrounding areas at the same time to coordinate the lighting throughout your outdoor space. For this home, Lanternland created a matching two-tiered pendant for the entry as well.

See more of this project

Custom Pendant Lantern for Outdoor Living Space - Installation #4

2. Match Lighting to Your Style

Finding a style you love is also essential, Medway says. “No matter if the client starts with a vague idea, a sketch on a napkin, a picture torn from a magazine or a finished architectural drawing, we work with them to get the look that is just right for their home,” he says. For one homeowner in Moraga, California, this meant fabricating a custom pendant lantern based on a photo she had found online.

“She was building a pergola for her outdoor living space and had her heart set on getting the look she had seen on Houzz,” Medway says. When she wasn’t able to find the pendant, or any information about it, she turned to Lanternland. “We modified the original concept slightly and went with an open bottom to allow easy access to the bulb,” he says.

See more of this project

Coronado Mission Wall Light Copper Lantern Installation - Coronado Beach, CA

3. Check Your Local Regulations

Many areas have ordinances that limit the amount of light that can be used outdoors at night. “This homeowner in Coronado, California, had a design she liked but could not find what she wanted in a lantern that met the dark-sky outdoor lighting regulations,” Medway says. “We were able to guide her to a lantern style that matched her home and could be modified to meet the requirement.”

See more of this project

More: For more information on Andrew Medway and Jenifer Tague and examples of their work, visit Lanternland’s Houzz profile.

This story was written by the Houzz Sponsored Content team.

Discount Outdoor Copper and Brass Lanterns for Sale

Stop by our lighting showroom and factory in Mesa, AZ to choose from our huge selection of discount outdoor copper and brass lanterns for sale.  All handmade by our sister company, Lanternland.  We need to make room for our new product lines and inventory.  Call (480) 962-1918 to schedule an appointment or stop in and don’t forget to make an offer.

We Have a Winner PLUS Get a 15% Off Coupon

Giveway Winner

cape cod onion lantern

Congratulations to our copper lantern lighting giveaway contest winner Brenda H. of Oregon!  Brenda chose the Cape Cod Onion Pendant Lantern in Dark Copper with Seeded Glass for her home.

thank you

We will be doing another giveaway later this year.
Stay tuned for details!!
A big ‘Thank You’  from Lanternland to everyone who entered and to USA Love List for making our giveaway contest a huge success. We truly appreciate the time and effort you put into spreading the word about Lanternland and the importance of buying American made products.As our way of saying thanks we will be offering 15% off all four lighting fixtures featured in the contest until April 30th, 2016. Save now on the New Haven Wall Sconce, the Cape Cod Pendant, the Portland Pendant and the Back Bay Post Light. Enter coupon code USALL04-15 at checkout to save.

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Win a Handmade Copper Lantern!

Win a handmade copper lantern valued up to $400!

back bay post mount copper lantern

Pentimento Lighting and Lanternland are teaming up again with USA Love List to give away one of our most popular lighting fixtures. The winner will choose from one of four popular styles in a variety of size, finish and glass options to create a handmade copper and brass lighting fixture that is as distinctive as their home.

From Friday, March 4th thru Thursday, March 17th 2016, go to and enter for your chance to win.

Win a Handmade Copper LanternEnter Now To Win!

Purchase Handcrafted Lanterns Online at Lanternland

Did you know that Pentimento Lighting has an online store featuring handcrafted lanterns?
Visit our sister store, Lanternland.
Lanternland, our sister store, opened last year to give customers an easy way to order our lanterns online. We offer nearly 100 different light fixtures here.

This option is perfect for small businesses and homeowners who want the quality and craftsmanship of our factory but don’t need our full custom design process.

When you purchase from Lanternland, you can still customize your lantern to meet your design style and your space needs. All lanterns are made in the USA at our factory here in Mesa, Arizona.

Why Choose Lanterns?

Lanterns are a classic lighting style and work well with almost any interior or exterior design. You can choose a lantern that will coordinate with and accent your architecture and interior style.

Lanterns come in a wide range of styles from rustic to classic and from industrial to formal. Here are some examples of the lanterns available at Lanternland.


Lanterns work in both residential and commercial spaces because of their versatile appeal and design features.

Using Lanterns In Your Home

For your home, lanterns work well as:

  • Ceiling lights in a large family room or dining room and provide dramatic and functional light for your activities.
  • Pendant lights over a kitchen counter or eat-in dining space pinpoint light where you need it for practical activities.
  • Sconces to line your hallway and staircase keep you safe as you move through your home.
  • Pendant lights at landings provide both beauty and practical safety lighting.
  • Ceiling lights at your front door welcome your guests.
  • In your front yard, you can place post lights at the curb or along the driveway to invite visitors into your home and provide a valuable safety feature.
  • On the porch, you can provide ceiling lights and wall lights to give your home curb appeal and safety.
  • On your deck, add pier-mounted lights to brighten these spaces for use after sunset.

If you need some inspiration, check out examples of Pentimento lighting installed at in homes in our Residential Installations gallery.

Using Lanterns In Your Business

Lanterns provide beautiful and practical lighting for your business interior and exterior. Lanterns work well in businesses ranging from retail to office space, as well as hospitality and restaurants.

For small businesses, lanterns work well as:

  • Ceiling lights to accent areas where you want to draw customers such as greeter stands, checkouts, and bar areas.
  • Wall scones to provide light and to set the atmosphere for your retail floor, dining rooms, spas, and public hallways.
  • Pendant lights over dining tables, bar tables, and client service areas  to create intimate spaces for your customers.
  • Pier-mounted lights to line your entry and outdoor patio areas.
  • Post lights to access your entry and outdoor spaces, and to provide lighting around your parking lot.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out examples of Pentimento lighting installed in retail centers, hospitality, and restaurants to see examples of how other small businesses are using lanterns.

Lanternland Options

Lanternland offers a wide range of lantern-style lighting for indoor or outdoor settings. Based on where you need light, you can choose from:

Beyond the basic shape, it’s the details that make a lantern perfect for your space. You can choose any of our existing lanterns and then customize it to fit your unique needs.

Depending on the lantern you choose, you may customize:

  • Size. Many of our lanterns come in multiple sizes so you can purchase the correct size lighting fixture for your space.
  • Finish. We offer a wide range of finishes including antique brass, antique copper, chemical rust, dark brass, dark copper, raw copper and verdi green at no additional charge.
  • Glass. You can customize the glass in your lantern with clear, seedy, water and white glass at no additional charge.

Not sure which finish or glass to choose? Just ask and we will send you samples at no cost.

Check out Lanternland and our great selection of lanterns!