Handmade Custom Copper Pendant Lighting

Using copper in interior design allows you to achieve a distinctive look that is warm and inviting. Like the handmade custom copper pendant lighting below, copper can come in many different style choices and finishes.

custom copper pendant bottom

custom copper pendant top

custom copper pendant full length

custom copper pendant shaft

When you’re planning for your next interior design project, don’t forget about copper.  Unlike other design and color trends, copper never goes out of style.  Contact our lighting design professionals today to get started.

Custom Resort Lighting at Half Moon Bay in Jamaica

The Jewel of the Caribbean Half Moon Bay, one of the most prestigious resorts in the world, is regularly visited by royalty and dignitaries.  Over its 60-year history, it is truly one of the most legendary and cherished destination resorts.

Pentimento Lighting was engaged to manufacture custom resort lighting for the Phase One Renovation at Half Moon Bay in Jamaica.  We were contacted by the design firm Hart Howerton who had seen our lighting at The Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, AZ.

This was an exciting project for Pentimento Lighting for many reasons.  An opportunity to work with Hart Howerton, a large New York and San Francisco firm providing architectural, interior design, land planning, and landscape architecture services.  Also, the challenge of creating a lot of custom lights in a very specific time frame for a world renowned resort.

We worked with Fatima McNeil and Emma Feeney out of the San Francisco office.  They submitted their lighting concepts to us to create the specified designs.  We in turn did drawings for them to review and approve.

Not only were we proud of the custom lighting designs but the customer LOVED THEM!

Shown below are some of the site photos of our beautiful lighting.  We think you will LOVE THEM too!

Half Moon Bay Custom Resort Lightng for Lobby

Half Moon Bay Lobby Resort Lighting

Half Moon Bay Custom Lightng for Library

Half Moon Bay Coffee Bar Hanging Pendants

Half Moon Bay Sugarmill Restaurant Lighting