How We Work

Our design team works with you to select or design
the best product for your project requirements.

Our Process From Concept To Completion

How we go from idea to finished product is personalized for each client project. In general, we follow this process for every project.

1. Project Overview

At the start of every project, our design team takes the time to understand your project. We listen carefully to learn about your project and collaborate on your ideas to turn your vision into reality.

We learn about:

  • Your vision for your project and your lighting.
  • Your project goals.
  • The physical space for your lighting installation.
  • Your project parameters including budget and timeline.

Our design team can provide the technical assistance you need to solve your lighting challenges.

2. Design Phase

This is the fun part! You work with our design team to turn your vision for your lighting into an engineering drawing ready for manufacturing.

What is your inspiration?

  • I have a sketch or an idea. Our designers take your idea and begins sketching and discussing the design details with you. We make sure that your vision will meet your real-world lighting requirements.
  • I’m not sure what I want. Over the years, Pentimento has created more than 20,000 unique lighting fixtures for clients. We can show you examples to help you get inspired. In fact, you may find one that works perfectly for your project.

New designs are always welcome at Pentimento. Because every product is hand crafted, creating a custom design is always an option in our process.

We create an engineering drawing to review with you. After you approve the drawing, your lighting product is ready for fabrication.

3. Manufacturing

Our skilled artisans take the engineering drawing of your lighting fixture and manufacture it from raw materials in our factory.

Every Pentimento lighting product is hand crafted in our factory to your specifications. You can chose every detail from size to finish to lamping.

We take great pride in our made in America products.

Whether you need one fixture or 100, we review your finished products to ensure that they meet your design specifications and our high quality standards.

4. Installation And Beyond

We ship your lighting fixtures to you ready to install.

But our involvement doesn’t stop there.

We are available to support your team through the installation process. If you encounter any problems, we are just a phone call away.

We are also here for the life of your product. You can call on us in the future any time so we can help you maintain your custom light fixtures.