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A big ‘Thank You’  from Pentimento Lighting & Furnishings and Lanternland to everyone who entered and to USA Love List for making our giveaway contest a huge success. We truly appreciate the time and effort you put into spreading the word about Lanternland and the importance of buying American made products.

As our way of saying thanks we will be offering 15% off all four contest lighting fixtures featured in the contest for two weeks only until August 19th, 2016. Save now on the Back Bay Table Lamp, the Adams Pendant, the Americana Star Wall Sconce and the Gatsby Wall Light. Enter coupon code USALL0715 at checkout to save.

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Karen chose the Back Bay Copper Lantern Table Lamp in Antique Copper with Seeded Glass for her home.

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Handmade Custom Copper Pendant Lighting

Using copper in interior design allows you to achieve a distinctive look that is warm and inviting. Like the handmade custom copper pendant lighting below, copper can come in many different style choices and finishes.

custom copper pendant bottom

custom copper pendant top

custom copper pendant full length

custom copper pendant shaft

When you’re planning for your next interior design project, don’t forget about copper.  Unlike other design and color trends, copper never goes out of style.  Contact our lighting design professionals today to get started.

Giveaway: American Made Handcrafted Lighting

Our sister company, Lanternland, is offering an American made handcrafted lighting fixture as a prize in this week’s giveaway!



Lanternland has been manufacturing artisan copper lanterns and brass indoor & outdoor lights in the Phoenix, AZ area since 1978.  Each Lanternland light fixture is 100% handcrafted in the USA and made to order by skilled craftsmen. Each light fixture is created to fit a customer’s specific choice of finish and glass type. Lanternland even offers custom lighting design.  The high quality, solid brass and copper construction of every light will never rust or corrode and is guaranteed for life.  

If you are looking for a ceiling light,  hanging lantern, wall sconce, wall light, post lantern, and now table lamps for your Colonial, Traditional American, Cape Cod, waterfront, or cabin style home, Lanternland is the place to check out first!


ENTER NOW to win an American made, handcrafted Lanternland light fixture.  Winner may choose ONE of the following items in their choice of finish and glass.


As shown below: Small size, Antique Brass finish, Water glass
Choose from Small, Medium, or Large size.
Retail value: $330



As shown below: Verdi Green finish with star in Antique Bronze, Seeded glass
Available in one size only.
Retail value: $330

Americana Star Colonial Wall Mount Lantern


As shown below: Antique Copper finish, Seeded glass
Available in one size only.
Retail value: $310



As shown below: Dark Copper finish
Small only
Retail value: $290


There are a variety of ways to enter this giveaway including opportunities for multiple daily entries. Good luck!

Click on Enter to Win on the image below.  This giveaway will close at midnight on July 21, 2016. The winner will be randomly selected, verified for correct entry participation, and notified by email.


Solar Powered Outdoor Chandelier

Have you ever wanted a solar powered outdoor chandelier for your high-end outdoor living space at your home? I bet you have! At the Pentimento Lighting & Furnishings design studio, our lighting artisans created a prototype solar chandelier.  Repurposing old chandeliers into solar is nothing new (so we won’t take credit for it), but you don’t see a lot of them around.  New designs like this are always welcome because every product is hand crafted, creating a custom design for you.

Again, below is a simple and basic prototype. Your vision and inspiration is what makes our custom outdoor light fixtures a reality.  If you’re wanting to add that finishing touch to your outdoor living experience, call our design team today at (480) 962-1918 or (855) 223-5500 or use our contact form.

Solar Chandelier Prototype

Solar Light Bulb for Solar Chandelier

Solar Light for Solar Chandelier

Our lighting artisans take pride in handcrafting each product to your exact specifications and our high quality standards. Have a question about how we can help you? Call us at (480) 962-1918 or (855) 223-5500 (toll free) or use our contact form.


Handmade Chandeliers and Pendants Up To 75% Off

From June 27 through July 1, celebrate Independents Week 2016 and Local Businesses by using this Golden Coupon at Pentimento Lighting & Furnishings for an additional 20% off your purchase of handmade chandeliers and pendants.  Our beautiful one-of-a-kind lighting is already discounted up to 75% so we can make room for new light fixtures.

PRINT OUT the coupon below or show us on your mobile device and go to our factory showroom:

737 W. 2nd Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85210
Mon – Fri: 10:00am – 4:00pm

(480) 962-1918

Browse through our SALE ITEMS page to see some of the many beautiful indoor light fixtures available.  We have much more on display in our showroom.

Golden Coupon

Residential Community Lighting Manufacturer

Private residential communities are more than collections of homes bordering major cities.  Today you are seeing more and more gated communities that function like their very own city.  They have their own restaurants, shops, community centers, and resort-style residence centers and pools.  The master-planned community developer and homeowner’s association typically pay for these wonderful amenities.

The specialty areas mentioned above require a residential community lighting manufacturer to showcase these wonderful amenities.  Our lighting solutions can be uniquely customized to specific landscapes and architectural features of  your community.

Sun City Grand Custom Chandelier

Custom Indoor Lighting at the Sun City Grand

Sun City Grand Indoor Lighting

Custom Indoor Lighting at the Sun City Grand

Fulton Ranch Residential Community Lighting

Custom Community Lighting at Fulton Ranch in Chandler, AZ

pentimento_factory_lighting (16)

Custom Community Lighting at Fulton Ranch in Chandler, AZ

pentimento_factory_lighting (17)

Custom Community Lighting at Fulton Ranch in Chandler, AZ

Pentimento Lighting is your only destination for lighting design, manufacturing, and installation of custom lighting solutions for your public space.  We proudly manufacture all of our lights in Mesa, AZ.  Contact the Pentimento Design Team to discuss your streetscape or community project and learn more about how we can help you from design to finished products.


Houzz Spotlight: Choosing The Right Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

“No matter how beautiful the design, if the size is wrong, the lantern will not look good.”

For Andrew Medway, choosing the right outdoor lighting fixtures is essential. It’s also something that he frequently finds is done wrong, and usually the culprit is the size of the light fixture. “It’s critical not only to match the style but also the scale of the project. Large homes require large lighting fixtures,” he says.

Medway co-owns Lanternland in Mesa, AZ which produces handmade copper and brass light fixtures and provides custom lighting, primarily for outdoor spaces. The first step of designing a lighting plan, according to Medway and his colleague Jenifer Tague, is to think about the project as a whole and consider both space and proportions.

Outddoor Living Patio: Michelets Residence

Go big. When it comes to outdoor lighting, most people choose fixtures that are too small, Medway says. “Remember that people will be seeing the light fixtures from a distance, such as a street that may be 50 feet away,” he says. For a good perspective on how big a light should be, Medway recommends making a mock-up that’s the size of the fixture to use as a placeholder, then stepping away and seeing how it looks in the space.

Entry: Michelets Residence

Design with needs in mind. “Many homeowners have design challenges that can’t be met by off-the-shelf lighting,” Medway says. These include space limitations for mounting brackets, existing siding, a need to modify the electrical box or local regulations that rule out most off-the-shelf fixtures. This is when custom lighting is the best option. “All of our lanterns are handmade to order for each client,” he says.

Whether you’re looking for standard light fixtures or going with a custom design, Medway offers advice for choosing the right lighting for your home.

Landon Sr. Wall Light with Bracket - Paradise Valley, AZ - Garage

1. Find the Right Size

One size does not fit all, especially in larger spaces. This homeowner in Paradise Valley was unable to find outdoor lanterns that were large enough to provide both curb appeal and adequate lighting, Medway says. Customizing an existing design proved to be the optimal solution.

“We were able to create an oversized version of one of our standard lanterns that was in proportion with her home and gave it the wow factor she desired,” he says. Medway also recommends looking at surrounding areas at the same time to coordinate the lighting throughout your outdoor space. For this home, Lanternland created a matching two-tiered pendant for the entry as well.

See more of this project

Custom Pendant Lantern for Outdoor Living Space - Installation #4

2. Match Lighting to Your Style

Finding a style you love is also essential, Medway says. “No matter if the client starts with a vague idea, a sketch on a napkin, a picture torn from a magazine or a finished architectural drawing, we work with them to get the look that is just right for their home,” he says. For one homeowner in Moraga, California, this meant fabricating a custom pendant lantern based on a photo she had found online.

“She was building a pergola for her outdoor living space and had her heart set on getting the look she had seen on Houzz,” Medway says. When she wasn’t able to find the pendant, or any information about it, she turned to Lanternland. “We modified the original concept slightly and went with an open bottom to allow easy access to the bulb,” he says.

See more of this project

Coronado Mission Wall Light Copper Lantern Installation - Coronado Beach, CA

3. Check Your Local Regulations

Many areas have ordinances that limit the amount of light that can be used outdoors at night. “This homeowner in Coronado, California, had a design she liked but could not find what she wanted in a lantern that met the dark-sky outdoor lighting regulations,” Medway says. “We were able to guide her to a lantern style that matched her home and could be modified to meet the requirement.”

See more of this project

More: For more information on Andrew Medway and Jenifer Tague and examples of their work, visit Lanternland’s Houzz profile.

This story was written by the Houzz Sponsored Content team.

Outdoor Commercial Street Lighting in Scottsdale

Here is another blast from the past! Below is our outdoor commercial street lighting in Scottsdale we manufactured and installed in Old Town over 20 years ago.  This project is a great example of the quality that goes into every light we manufacture.  If you drive by today, you will be amazed at how good they look after 20+ years.

Scottsdale Street Lights

Scottsdale Street Lights

Scottsdale Street Lights

Our design team and factory will help you create a safe and enjoyable environment through our range of lighting products, including: Street Lighting Poles, Custom Streetscape Lighting, Community Lighting for Master Planned Communities, Architectural Area Lighting and Custom Structures.

Our team was very proud to contribute custom lighting to the beautiful City of Scottsdale. Contact the Pentimento Design Team to discuss your streetscape lighting project and learn more about how we can help you from design to finished products.

Phoenix Streetscape Lighting From Pentimento

As one of America’s leading street lighting manufacturers for over 30 years, Pentimento Lighting believes we can meet all of your streetscape lighting needs.  Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations for excellent products, service, and delivery.  Our design team and factory will help you create a safe and enjoyable environment through our range of lighting products, including: Street Lighting Poles, Custom Streetscape Lighting, Community Lighting for Master Planned Communities, Architectural Area Lighting and Custom Structures.

Visit our gallery below of the City of Phoenix Streetscape Lighting project we manufactured and installed.  Our team was very proud to contribute custom lighting to our beautiful city.  Contact the Pentimento Design Team to discuss your streetscape lighting project and learn more about how we can help you from design to finished products.

Phoenix Street Lights 2

Phoenix Street Lights

Phoenix Street Lights 3

Phoenix Streetscape Lighting Design Project

Discount Outdoor Copper and Brass Lanterns for Sale

Stop by our lighting showroom and factory in Mesa, AZ to choose from our huge selection of discount outdoor copper and brass lanterns for sale.  All handmade by our sister company, Lanternland.  We need to make room for our new product lines and inventory.  Call (480) 962-1918 to schedule an appointment or stop in and don’t forget to make an offer.