Pentimento Factory Floor

Take a look around our factory floor where we fabricate every customer order by hand

Our Factory Floor

At Pentimento, our skilled artisans manufacture our products from raw materials by hand for each client project. Nothing is pre-made.

Our process allows us to quickly and easily produce custom products for every client project.

  • If you find a drawing of a product that you like but you need it in a different size, we adjust the engineering drawing and then fabricate your products to your specifications.
  • If you have an idea or a sketch of a custom design, we work with you to create an engineering drawing and then use that to fabricate your product.

We can produce your lighting design from many different materials and finish it with different processes so the end product is exactly what you want.

We never compromise on design or quality. We deliver your vision your way.

Stop by our lighting showroom in Mesa, Arizona where you can see our products and we’ll give you a tour of our factory floor.