About Us: The Pentimento Lighting Story

Meet our team and discover the legacy of excellence
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The Pentimento Story

It all started in a blizzard in February 1978.

Stranded in the snow just a few miles from home in Pennsylvania, Sheldon decided it was time to move south and west. A year later, he and Ronna arrived in the Phoenix metro area where they started selling light fixtures from several manufacturers from the back of his van. But these Yankees had a hard time breaking into the wild west good-ole-boys club mentality that existed in the lighting industry in those days.

Becoming A Lighting Manufacturer

Undaunted, Sheldon decided it was time to start making his own modern exterior lighting fixtures. He bought used sheet metal equipment, set up shop in the Scottsdale Air Park and hired a blacksmith. Sheldon used his knowledge of lighting fixtures to create his own designs–designs that reflected the southwest sensibilities and larger home sizes in Phoenix.

Soon, the small custom lighting factory that would become Pentimento Lighting and Furnishings was busy filling orders and expanded to a retail shop in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ. Years later, the Nitzkys moved to their current location in Mesa, Arizona where they combine manufacturing and a designer-friendly product showroom.

Focus On Quality

Over the years, Sheldon and Ronna have expanded their product line with innovative lighting designs and carefully selected companion products from other quality-minded American manufacturers.

Pentimento Lighting and Furnishings continues to grow and expand because it stays true to its founding principles. We are dedicated to capturing your vision, designing products that fit your project guidelines and manufacturing them to our high-quality standards.

Visit our installations gallery to see examples of products that delighted our past and current customers.


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